Wellness Program and Tools

Take responsibility for your total health and wellbeing!

CMF CURO offers members a unique wellness program composed of monthly challenges, online questionnaires, and opportunities to win entry into quarterly and grand-prize drawings.

CURO empowers your health

Total health begins with awareness and is fulfilled with active engagement and knowledge, the foundation of optimum health. The CMF CURO suite of resources (powered by Asset Health) empowers you to become fully engaged in all aspects of health. Become your own greatest health advocate and take direct and active control of your health by completing our online health assessment and health & wellness courses.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. What you choose to eat not only plays a part in your weight, but it also determines your future risk of many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Using the Asset Health nutrition tracker, you can set nutrition goals and track healthy eating habits.

Exercise is a pillar of good health that improves not only your weight, but also helps you avoid a myriad of illnesses. CMF CURO has the tools to allow you to track your physical activity in your mission for improved health.

Log-in to your CMF CURO account using your SMI Log-in to gain access and participate in the Wellness Program! Participate in the challenges, health assessments, mini-challenges, courses, and other ways to earn entries into drawings for prizes!

See all our challenges below:

Eat the Rainbow Challenge

Weight-Loss Challenge

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