The CMF CURO all-in-one debit card makes health sharing easier. The card is your Membership ID and serves as your authentic proof of CMF CURO membership.

The card includes important information for medical service providers, and serves two main functions:

  • Quotes medical needs at 125% Medicare rate - Medical service providers use the card’s Payor ID number to send an electronic file to CMF CURO’s service pricing administrator, which generates a statement with the suggested discounted Love Your Neighbor price (125% of the Medicare rate). This discounted price offers the medical provider 25% more than they would receive from Medicare patients, and the price is favorable to both patient and provider. The statement is mailed to the member in approximately 10 days. The member then has the medical provider sign off on this suggested discounted price.  
  • Receives all shares for a medical need on your account - Once your shares are placed on the card for a medial need, you can use your card as a VISA debit card to pay for approved medical expenses. Please note that if you prepaid and want reimbursement, you should utilize the normal check sharing process instead of having the funds place on your CURO Card.

Card Parameters and Instructions

We do not advise you to have shareable funds allocated to your CURO Card if any of the following apply:

  • Your total health care costs per need is less than $3,000
  • You are sharing a pregnancy
  • You have not received a 30% discount nor has your provider accepted the Love Your Neighbor price: %125 of Medicare
  • You anticipate negotiating with your provider after you submit your itemized medical bills
  • You have prepaid medical expenses for your need


Instructions for sharing a need

Please call CMF CURO when you have a need to begin the sharing process. It is important that we talk to you early in the process so we can direct you in the best way to share your need.