Christ Medicus Foundation

Our Mission

To promote the active presence of Christ-centered health care faithful to Catholic teaching, the Gospel of Life, the Theology of the Body, and the Ethical and Religious directives of Catholic health care through active engagement in education, public policy, and the marketplace empowering individual rights of conscience and religious liberty in daily life for all.

Through work and advocacy in Washington D.C., the Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF) is one of the leaders in driving the revolution of Christ-centered health care in the United States.

  • CMF is on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. educating Congress and galvanizing public support to protect religious freedom and the right of conscience in health care reform during this 115th Congressional session
  • CMF works with pro-life coalitions in D.C. to prevent the taxpayer funding of abortion in any new plan to improve America’s health care system
  • CMF informs and educates Congress about placing health sharing families on equal footing with others taxpayers in their health care choices by giving them access to health savings accounts, tax credits, and exemptions

Your membership with CMF CURO supports this important work as we fight to uphold our rights and religious freedom in health care. 

Check out our Media and Press section for events and activity in D.C!

Click here to take action to protect your rights! 

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