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What is the doctor/patient experience like with CMF CURO?
  • By not limiting you to any network, you are free to choose the doctor that best suits your needs.
  • Being a cash-pay patient puts you and your doctor in a more direct relationship, and empowers you to make more conscious medical decisions without the interference of third parties.
  • CMF CURO provides a supportive Catholic community to assist you in your relationship with your doctor, including health care and wellness resources, and concierge assistance sharing needs.
How does the cost structure of CMF CURO help my family?
  • A frequently lower monthly cost than insurance gives you greater flexibility.
  • Greater transparency in pricing helps you be a more informed healthcare consumer.
  • Protection where you need it most: for unexpected illnesses and injuries. Because preventive care is not rolled into your monthly share, you only pay for the preventive care that you use.
How does Samaritan Ministries International protect me as a CMF CURO Member?
  • CMF CURO Members are also members of Samaritan Ministries International (SMI), and share over $29 million/month with over 250,000 Christians. Samaritan Ministries International is not insurance, but rather health care sharing–an arrangement where members share one another’s medical expenses through voluntary giving and not because of any legal obligation.
  • Unexpected illnesses or injuries that fall within the SMI Guidelines are eligible for sharing, as determined by membership type (Classic or Basic).
How does CMF CURO treat pregnancy and NaProTECHNOLOGY?
  • Maternity needs on 2 person (couple) and family memberships are shared when the doctor’s estimated due date is 260 days or more after the date the mother’s membership began, with differences depending on the membership type (Classic or Basic). Classic shares pregnancy at 100%, while Basic has additional limitations as specified in the SMI Guidelines.
  • Pregnancies in which the child is conceived before the effective date of membership will not be shared, except as a Special Prayer Need.
  • Samaritan Ministries International does not share NaProTECHNOLOGY. However, CMF CURO offers assistance in finding a NaProTECHNOLOGY doctor, as well as other resources that can help to address infertility issues. In exceptional cases, the Christ Medicus Foundation will provide financial assistance for NaProTECHNOLOGY.
Why does it matter that CMF CURO is Catholic?
  • CMF CURO’s Catholic identity means that you can have confidence that you are not paying for or contributing to any morally objectionable services contrary to Catholic teaching.
  • CMF CURO’s Catholic identity means that we invest in your entire healthcare and faith journey, strengthening your faith and your healthcare through our RISE spiritual enrichment program, wellness programs, and other Catholic community resources.
  • CMF CURO understands the complex and challenging healthcare decisions you must make, and we provide confidential ethics consultations to guide you in making conscientious decisions in line with your faith.
Do I qualify? Do my adult children qualify to be on my membership?
  • No one is disqualified because of their current health status, however there are sharing limitations for pre-existing conditions as specified in the SMI guidelines.
  • Members must be practicing Christians and sign a statement of faith, must abstain from tobacco, and practice moral virtue with regards to alcohol use and sexuality.
  • Adult children aged 18-25 are eligible to join a family membership, provided they are enrolled in school full time or living in your home. Exceptions apply for disabled dependents and missionaries.
What is the CMF CURO Fund and how is it administered?
  • The CMF CURO Fund is used to promote CMF CURO, health sharing, Catholic healthcare initiatives, the promotion of legislative policies advancing a culture of life and administrative costs.
  • In exceptional cases and upon request, the CMF CURO Fund is used to assist CURO Members with non-shareable needs in accordance with Catholic teaching.
  • The CMF CURO Fund is administered by the Christ Medicus Foundation Board of Directors.
Does CMF CURO and Samaritan Ministries International health care sharing really work?
  • Yes it does! Our Members say it best and their testimonies bear witness to the strength and effectiveness of our Catholic community. Members of Samaritan Ministries share over $20 million per month in total healthcare costs. 
  • Current members are available to share their experiences upon request.
How do I enroll in CMF CURO and Samaritan Ministries International and how long does it take?

Enrolling is a simple and convenient 2-step online process. To begin, first register with CMF CURO and pay the $84 monthly membership fee. You will then receive an e-mail and link from Samaritan Ministries International to complete your enrollment with SMI, paying their one-time, non-refundable $200 initiation fee, $15 administrative fee for the Save to Share Program, and your first monthly share payment. You can elect for your membership to begin immediately or can set an effective start date in the future.

What resources are available to me as a CMF CURO Member?
  • CMF CURO offers an abundance of health and Catholic resources to Members in addition to the sharing through Samaritan Ministries. As a CMF CURO Member, you have access to the RISE spiritual enrichment program, CURO wellness program, and FORMED (a library of Catholic books, films, spiritual talks and educational material).
  • Members are also provided a concierge ethics consultation hotline, intercessory prayer request hotline, and medical needs support hotline (1-800-840-7471).
What advantages does the CMF CURO Card provide?
  • The CMF CURO Card can assist in identifying you as a CMF CURO Member with your health care provider.
  • The CMF CURO Card can be used to receive and account for share payments for eligible medical needs. Members can check their balance through the CURO Portal and pay providers using their CURO Card.
What is the CMF CURO refund policy?
  • Members who decide to leave CMF CURO and have not completed enrollment with Samaritan Ministries are eligible for a refund of their initial CMF CURO payment of $84.
  • CMF CURO Members who are fully enrolled in Samaritan Ministries are generally ineligible for a refund, save for in exceptional cases.
  • Members are expected to request the cancelation of their CMF CURO membership before their next monthly membership fee is processed. Canceling your membership with Samaritan Ministries does not automatically cancel your membership with CMF CURO or vice versa; each must be done separately.

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