Personal Coaching & Spiritual Direction 

Life can be hard without someone to walk with you, support you and challenge you. Come Thrive with our team of trained and experienced wellness coaches and spiritual directors.


  • All the Belong benefits
  • Personal Wellness Coach and/or Spiritual Direction sessions
  • Personalized plan for improved physical and/or spiritual health
  • Professional guidance on health care ethics questions
  • Help finding faithful Catholic health care providers

Cost: $68/mo

“I have benefited tremendously from the spiritual direction that CURO offers, and I continue to receive spiritual direction on a regular basis.”

Deacon Sandon Broek

Thrive Member

What’s Included


Personal Accompaniment

CURO’s Thrive (including all Belong features) provides personal accompaniment through our Catholic Wellness Coaching and Catholic Spiritual Direction programs. Bioethics Consultations with a certified bioethicist can also assist you as you navigate difficult issues related to your health care.


Catholic Wellness Coaching

Our Catholic Health and Wellness Coaching Program gives you individual accompaniment on your journey of integrating your whole health – spirit, mind, and body. Starting from the truth that we are willed and loved by God, in the coaching relationship we look to help you establish goals in the areas Christ is calling you to grow. Thirty-minute coaching sessions are offered as often as monthly, or as needed.


Spiritual Direction

Informed by both the Carmelite and Ignatian traditions, the core objective of our Spiritual Direction Program is to help you hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and respond with faith, hope, and love, walking with you as you discern who God is calling you to become.


Bioethics Consultations

Our Bioethics Consultations help provide you with faithful bioethics guidance from the heart of the Church, so that you can form your conscience well and decide on the best treatment for you and your loved ones.