Whole Health Sharing

Our Most Comprehensive Program, with Health Care Sharing Support:

Cost: $84*/mo

What’s Included


Health Sharing Support

CURO’s Whole Health Sharing includes all the programs and services offered by CURO (Whole Health Community, Accompaniment and more), while also providing support throughout the health care sharing process.


Navigate Samaritan Ministries

Whole Health Sharing members are individuals and families looking for a pro-life, health care sharing option that allows them to take an active part in their whole health, spirit, mind, and body. Members join Samaritan Ministries International (SMI)*, one of the nation’s most established health care sharing ministries, giving you an affordable health care sharing experience that aligns with Catholic teaching and your family’s values.


Concierge Support

CURO walks with you through our Integrated Concierge Support whenever you experience a medical event, require assistance navigating the needs or sharing process or need help finding or working with health care providers. This support also includes spiritual accompaniment through direct intercessory prayer for your healing.


The CURO Card

Your CURO Card is exclusively dedicated to paying medical expenses. You can receive and track shares and pay your medical provider directly on your CURO Card.


Find Catholic Health Care Providers

With our growing Physician Community, along with other partnerships and resources, we can help you find Catholic health care professionals that will respect your desire to receive care in accordance with your conscience and Church teaching.


Health Care Sharing through Samaritan Ministries*

Click here for an in-depth overview of health care sharing through SMI, including full program costs.

If Whole Health Sharing isn’t right for you, discover what our Whole Health Accompaniment and Whole Health Community options offer.

*Additional registration & monthly share cost required through membership with Samaritan Ministries International