Learn More About Whole Health Sharing

How Does it Work?

At CMF CURO, we partner with Samaritan Ministries International (SMI) to offer a pro-life, health care sharing option that allows you to take an active part in your whole health.  Entrusting yourself and your family to the Divine Physician, and entrusting your health needs to other CURO and SMI members, you join in a health care mission that aligns with Catholic teaching and your family’s values.

As a CURO Whole Health Sharing member, you join a community of over 250,000 Samaritan members who share their qualified medical needs directly with one another, in accordance with the Samaritan Ministries Guidelines.

Each month, members send their monthly share to other members and when you have a need, other members will be directed to send their shares to you. You know exactly where your money is going and have the immense privilege of walking with your fellow community members, supporting them through prayer during difficult times.

Receiving care and submitting a need

Step 1: A Medical Need Occurs

When a member has a medical need, they receive treatment from the provider of their choice. CURO can assist members to find a Catholic doctor or specialist in their area.

Step 2: Need Is Shared

CURO can assist the member in starting the needs process and submitting their bills to SMI. Needs are eligible for sharing according to the SMI guidelines. Eligible needs will be assigned to members for sharing.

Step 3: Member Receives Shares and Support

Shares are received from designated members for eligible needs, along with prayers and support from the CURO community. 

Health Care Sharing is Not Health Insurance

Health Care Sharing is an arrangement where members share one another’s qualified medical expenses in accordance with established guidelines, through voluntary giving and not because of any legal obligation.

It is not health insurance. This gives you the freedom to choose the health care and provider that works best for you and your family’s needs.

    program costs

    Samaritan™ Classic + CURO Whole Health Sharing*

    Shares at 100% for eligible medical expenses, after the $400 Initial Unshareable Amount for each need.

    Membership Size Monthly Share
    1 Person $387
    2 Persons $675
    3-7 Persons $718
    8+ Persons $855
    1 Person ≤ 29 $266
    Widowed/Divorced & Children $546

    Samaritan™ Basic + CURO Whole Health Sharing*

    Shares at 90% for eligible medical expenses, after the $1,500 Initial Unshareable Amount per need with additional limitations on maternity sharing.

    **Note: Turn device horizontal to better view cost table**

    Membership Size / Age of Oldest Member ≤ 29 30-44 45-59 60+
    1 Person $189 $216 $237 $259
    2 Person $302 $345 $388 $433
    3+ Person $359 $411 $467 $521

    *Your Whole Health Sharing membership cost of $84 per month is included in the chart above.

    Save to Share

    CURO Whole Health Sharing members are required to enroll in Samaritan’s Save to Share program, which allows for sharing beyond the maximum sharing limits. Members set aside a specific amount of additional funds each year, and pay a $15 annual fee, to help share for catastrophic needs. In any month, members may be asked to add a portion of these funds to their normal sharing amounts.

    Membership Size Set Aside Amount (Annual)
    1 Person $133
    2 Persons $266
    3+ Persons $399
    Widowed/Divorced & Children $266

    How do I sign Up?

    The best way to get started is to schedule a consultation with one of our member service representatives:

    Schedule a Consultation

    You can also click here to complete enrollment online.