Sharing Medical Burdens in Catholic Community

CURO at a Glance

1. Register with CMF CURO and Samaritan Ministries International. As soon as you are fully enrolled, you can participate in sharing qualified needs according to the SMI Guidelines.

2. Needs are shared monthly within the Samaritan Ministries International community. Sending your monthly share gives you the opportunity to support and pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Receiving shares opens you to an experience of trusting in God’s love and providence and receiving spiritual and financial support from the community.

3. When you receive care, CMF CURO helps you through every step of the process. From working with your medical provider, to submitting your Needs and providing spiritual and emotional support, your whole health care experience is the core of our ministry.

4. Your CURO Card is exclusively dedicated to paying medical expenses. Set funds aside for your health care, pay your medical provider, and receive and track shares directly on your CURO Card.

5. CMF CURO is Health Care Fully Alive. Our Member Care Representatives, Health Tools, and R.I.S.E. spiritual resources deliver a health care experience that supports health of the whole person—Spirit, Mind and Body.

Is CURO Right For You?

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