A New Era of Health Care:
Reuniting Healing and Whole Health

A Digital Conference discussing a new approach to whole person healing and health care!

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About the Event

How can we find complete healing and why is healing needed for all? Members of the CMF CURO Team and Dr. Bob Schuchts, founder of the John Paul II Healing Center, discuss what this means and how we can heal. We will discuss mental health, spiritual direction, health coaching, goals, and habits.

Coming this June, exclusively for our CURO membership, CMF CURO is launching an all new Spiritual Health Program that will further examine Dr. Schuchts work. We will share how to receive the healing love of Christ and discern exactly where His healing love is needed in our lives.

Our new Spiritual Health Program will serve as a source of encouragement and insight for those seeking complete restoration in body and soul. It will strive to illuminate the deeper spiritual reality that Christ desires to heal in our brokenness through our health care.

Topics covered in the Spiritual Health Program:

  • Effects of Sin and Woundedness
  • Goal setting from a place of healing
  • What the mental health professions reveal about healing
  • Healing in the spiritual
  • Why should we heal?
  • How we can pursue healing in health care

Featured Speakers

Bob Schuchts Ph.D.

Founder, John Paul II
Healing Center

Louis Brown, J.D.

Executive Director,
Christ Medicus Foundation

Rebecca Wilson

 Assistant Director of Wellness, Healing, and Evangelization CMF CURO

James Wilson Headshot

James Wilson

Director of Operations,

Michael Vacca

Michael Vacca

Director of Ministry, Bioethics, and Member Experience CMF CURO

Mariah Buzza

Mariah Buzza

Assistant Director of Health Policy and Member Community CMF CURO

Watch the Replay!

Watch the Replay!