Equipping You for a Life of Wholeness through your Health Care

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We are made for
Wholeness and Integration

Created in love, we live “fully alive” when our lives are whole and integrated in spirit, mind and body, in communion with God and others.

But the Health Care
System is Broken

Navigating a system that’s often at odds with pro-life values leaves many feeling frustrated and uncertain where to turn for Catholic care.

Our Response:
CURO Whole Health

At our very core, we know we’re made for wholeness.
It’s supposed to be better than this. It can be better than this.  At CURO, we feel it too.

That’s why we’ve created our suite of Whole Health ProgramsWe wanted to help you navigate the brokenness of health care today and equip you through the healing love of Christ the Divine Physician to live a life of wholeness and integration in spirit, mind, and body. 

We Walk as One.


Catholic Community

CURO fosters a dynamic community of Catholics walking together in their health care with an authentically Catholic digital wellness platform that integrates spirit, mind and body.

One-on-One Accompaniment

We accompany our members through individual health coaching sessions, spiritual direction, and bioethics consultations.

Health Care Sharing

We offer comprehensive support with health care sharing through partnership with Samaritan Ministries International to provide for eligible medical needs.

Defending Religious Freedom

Defending your religious freedom and conscience rights in health care through the work of the Christ Medicus Foundation.

Explore CURO’s Whole Health Programs

At CMF CURO, we help our members center their whole health in Christ – a balanced approach of spirit, mind, and body.  We believe that when we as individuals flourish in our own relationships with God, self, and others, we will see a positive ripple effect in our parishes, communities, and world.

Whole Health

$28 / month

Catholic Wellness Platform and Community

  • Premium Membership to CURO’s Online Catholic Community 
  • Health Content and Resources, including courses, study groups, webinars, events, and more
  • A complete suite of Health and Wellness tools for goal setting, activity tracking, and more

Whole Health

$68 / month

Health Coaching &
Spiritual Guidance

  • Everything in Community
  • Personal accompaniment in your health care journey
  • Monthly 30 Minute Catholic Health Coaching Session
  • or Monthly 30 Minute Spiritual Direction
  • Bioethics consultations and support

Whole Health

$84* / month

Health Care Sharing Through Samaritan Ministries

  • Everything in Accompaniment
  • Health Care Sharing through Samaritan Ministries International*
  • Concierge Member Support during a Medical Need
  • Assistance Finding Catholic Providers
  • Pay medical expenses easily with the CURO Card
*Additional registration & monthly share cost required through membership with Samaritan Ministries International

Join Our Mission

Defend Religious Freedom & Medical Conscience Rights

Become A Mission Partner:

  • Help us lead a national movement for religious freedom and medical conscience rights through our education and policy efforts, conferences, and publications 
  • Support the advancement of life-affirming care through our work with leading health care and pro-life organizations and through our CURO Catholic health care ministry and community 
  • Defend the rights, health, and well-being of patients and families from attacks against dignity and life 
  • Join an online digital community of like-minded Catholics united in prayer 
  • Protect the rights of health care professionals and patients to give and receive care in accordance with their deeply held beliefs



Join Our Mission:

  • All of CURO’s Whole Health Programs support the work of the Christ Medicus Foundation, defending religious freedom in health care.
  • CMF Mission Partners directly support this mission through a monthly, tax-deductible donation.

CURO Works Alongside Some Amazing Organizations

Hear What Others Are Saying

“CMF CURO is a health care ministry; it’s actually well beyond insurance. CMF CURO is helping me meet all my financial obligations and go well beyond that in holding me up in prayer. This is more than a guarantee—it’s a way of life and it’s putting your faith into action.”

Jack and Laura

CURO Members

“CMF CURO is a viable Catholic solution to the health care problems in our homeland. It is viable because it relies upon a direct patient-physician relationship, because it respects freedom of religion, because it acknowledges that each of us is duty-bound before God to take care of ourselves, because it promotes active solidarity in the healthcare arena, and most of all, because it relies upon the One who is always reliable, Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Cardinal Raymond Burke

Connecting with my coach on a regular basis has been such a blessing! Her approach is gentle, kind, and practical and she’s been able to offer needed encouragement for me as certain health issues have arisen. In addition, I appreciate that she understands the connection between our physical, mental, and spiritual health as it’s helped me to go deeper and think more holistically about the habits I want to implement.


CURO Member