We have what modern health care is missing.

Experience Christ’s Healing Love.


 Catholic Health &
Wellness Community

  • Prayer Support Team and Catholic Small Groups 
  • Health & Wellness Digital Resources
  • Health courses, challenges, events and healing retreats
  • Supports religious freedom in health care


 Personal Coaching &
Spiritual Direction

  • All Belong benefits
  • Personal Wellness Coach and/or Spiritual Direction sessions
  • Professional guidance on health care ethics questions
  • Help finding faithful Catholic health care providers


 Catholic Health
Sharing Option

  • All Belong and  Thrive benefits
  • Health sharing through Samaritan Ministries Intl.
  • Catholic Prayer Community
  • Personal help navigating medical needS



Are you feeling isolated and longing for an experience of authentic community? Check out Belong, where you’ll be spiritually fed and supported with prayer.


Do you feel stuck in your spiritual life? Do you want to make positive changes to your health but can’t seem to get traction? Check out Thrive, where our Catholic wellness coaches and spiritual direction team help members find the freedom they’re seeking.


Want all the features of Belong and Thrive, plus a way to cover medical expenses? Check out CURO’s Health Sharing option and put your faith into action.

CURO Works Alongside Some Amazing Organizations

Hear What Others Are Saying

“The CMF Curo family has been a real blessing, a beautiful accompaniment. I really felt the love and care of a community, which is beneficial for all of us as Catholics.”

Connie Freibohle

Belong Member

“I have benefited tremendously from the spiritual direction that CURO offers, and I continue to receive spiritual direction on a regular basis.”

Deacon Sandon

Thrive Member

“CMF CURO is a health care ministry; it’s actually well beyond insurance. CMF CURO is helping me meet all my financial obligations and go well beyond that in holding me up in prayer.”

Jack and Laura

CURO Members

Under Our Lady’s Mantle

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a protector and intercessor for the Christ Medicus Foundation. She brings all who ask her into the healing presence and love of Christ, her son, and so we entrust our mission and all those we serve into her care, asking that we may be instruments of Jesus’ healing, hope and life in the world.