CMF CURO Cost and Sharing Levels

CMF CURO offers two monthly share levels through the health care sharing ministry Samaritan Ministries International. 

Members pay a set monthly amount every month that is shared and sent directly to other members for the coverage of medical needs.

With two share levels available, Classic and Basic, members can choose the sharing plan that fits their family’s needs and budget.

The new Samaritan Basic will allow members to choose a lower monthly share amount and a higher initial unshared amount for their own expenses.  

The CMF CURO monthly share total is comprised of two parts: 1) the SMI monthly share and, 2) CMF CURO Fund and management cost.

New members are responsible for paying a one-time enrollment fee of $200 to SMI. During the first three months of membership, you may be asked to send your monthly share directly to SMI to help cover ministry management expenses. Existing members are responsible for sending one share per year (during the anniversary month of their joining) directly to SMI to pay for administration and management expenses.

Additionally, CMF CURO members are required to enroll in the SMI Save to Share Program and are responsible for setting aside an annual amount defined in the Costs Chart above.

The other services CMF CURO offers to our members are the same regardless membership sharing level.

For a complete breakdown of the $84 membership cost, please see Membership Benefits.

See the SMI Cost page for more details on the Classic and Basics share levels. 

Detailed Cost Breakdown

(Click to enlarge

(Click to enlarge

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