Sharing Medical Burdens in Catholic Community

The Sharing Process

Each month our members share their qualified health care needs directly with one another through the Samaritan Ministries community. Most of your monthly cost is a share. Members are notified who to send their share to monthly, and shares are sent along with prayers and letters of encouragement directly to the member in need. The member you share with will change each month.

Save to Share Program

CMF CURO members are required to enroll in Samaritan’s Save to Share program, which allows for sharing beyond the $250,000 cap on an individual need. Your monthly share notification will also include any amount that needs to be drawn from your Save to Share set-aside.

Your Save to Share membership requires you to set aside a discrete amount of additional funds each year to help with sharing for catastrophic needs. In any month, you may be asked to add a portion of these funds to your normal monthly share payment, if needed. The yearly set aside savings amounts for the Save to Share program range from $133 to $399 and can be reviewed on the cost page.

Membership Fee

Your monthly CMF CURO membership fee is charged automatically each month to the credit card used for your initial payment. This fee and your monthly share are reflected in the cost charts.

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