Did you know that almost 93% of millennials delay preventative care? Preventative exams are important, because they allow your doctor to detect life-threatening illnesses and offer life-saving care. These exams also provide you with an opportunity to create a relationship with your physician, which improves your health care experience and their knowledge of your medical history.  Your health matters, so make an appointment for a wellness exam today! 

At CMF CURO, our mission is to help you live health care fully alive by improving your whole health: spirit, mind, and body. Our members receive person-centered care rooted in Catholic community, and we proudly provide ethical consultations to members who are seeking a Catholic approach to their health care.

The Catholic Medical Association is a great resource for those seeing Catholic health providers who hold the same values on life and life giving procedures.

To find a Catholic Doctor near you, visit https://www.cathmed.org/physician-directory/