Celebrating Our Blessed Mother

As Mother’s Day arrives, we anticipate the joyous celebration of our mothers and the maternal figures in our lives. This special day gives us a chance to recognize and celebrate the women who nurture us and help us grow. In addition to our earthly mothers, there is one mother we especially can’t forget – Our Blessed Mother Mary!

Why should we also celebrate Mary this Mother’s Day? For starters, without her “yes” to God’s plan, we would not know the joy and good news that has been brought to the world in the person of Jesus Christ. Secondly, Jesus gave us His wonderful mother at the hour of His death. Mary also has the special privilege of being “the Immaculate Conception”, meaning that God spared her the effects of original sin from the moment of her conception, and she is thus a perfect example for us to follow. She is fully united with God and shares in His love in a unique way because of this. Mary represents the perfect mother, whom all mothers can strive to imitate. Throughout history she has continued to show her love for the Church and humanity through various apparitions and miracles.

So, given that Our Blessed Mother Mary is our “Heavenly mother”, how can we, as her children here on Earth, recognize her on Mother’s Day?

1. Marian Consecration

A well-known devotion to our Blessed Mother is the consecration to Christ through Mary. As Jesus’ mother, Mary is extremely close to Him. Because of this, prayer through her intercession is extremely powerful! Marian Consecration involves giving our prayers to Mary so that she may purify them and make them pleasing to her Son.

This Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to learn more about the fruits of Marian Consecration and perhaps plan your own consecration in accordance with one of the many Marian feast days in the liturgical year

2. Pray The Rosary.

Offer a special Rosary in thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother for her motherhood over the whole Church! Praying the rosary daily can be a great way to grow in relationship with Mary and it is a way to continually praise and honor her motherhood.

3. Be Creative!

We can use our creativity to find little ways to continually bring Mary into our lives. You can use your talents and gifts to offer Mary a unique gift! Perhaps you are a gifted singer? Offer a song of praise! Maybe you would like to learn more about Marian spirituality. CMF CURO members receive access to FORMED , where there is an abundance of educational materials available. You can also spend some time in reflection, thinking about the ways that your mother or a maternal figure in your life reflects the love of Mary. Affirm this woman and let her know how much you admire her!

Perhaps you are struggling this Mother’s Day due to the absence of your earthly mother or the loss of a child. If this is the case, know that Our Blessed Mother desires to hold you close in your suffering and sorrow. She will never abandon you, and she wants you to let her love you!

Happy Mother’s Day from the CMF CURO team!

Mariah Buzza Author

Mariah Buzza is an employee of the Christ Medicus Foundation and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2018 with a Bachelor of Art degree in Political Science. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Divine Mercy University and resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her family. Mariah Buzza has been a victim of the sexual abuse crisis within the Catholic Church and uses her story to help others find healing through the teachings of the Church. Much of her writing reflects on why she is still Catholic despite the injustice she and others have suffered at the hands of priests and volunteers. 

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