Lent is a time of self-discipline so that Christ can live more fully in us.  You may be wondering: how do I have the most fruitful Lent I have ever had?  What practices can help me in my Lenten journey with our Lord?  It is wise to begin with asking the Lord what He wants you to do for Him this Lent?  For me, He told me to give up gluten and go to Adoration more.  But for you, may be He tells you to give up desserts, give more of your time to help someone, or be more intentional in loving your family.  The key is to be faithful to what the Lord is asking of you.  If you go beyond what He is asking, then you are living in self-reliance.  But if you do less than He is asking, then you are not being obedient and accepting the challenge of the Lord to grow in holiness.

            Perhaps you can ask the Lord for three things you can do this Lent: one spiritual thing, one mental thing, and one physical thing.  Your spiritual thing may be praying with Scripture for 20 minutes a day.  You mental thing may be taking time to enjoy nature and be outdoors every day.  Your physical thing my be exercising or volunteering to help another person.  In this way, you are being faithful to our Lord and addressing the three primary areas of the human person necessary for authentic growth. You may be amazed how much what you do physically impacts your spiritual life, how your spiritual life impacts your physical life, and how your mental life impacts your spiritual and physical life.  If you are looking for an opportunity to grow in knowledge of God’s word, consider our CURO Lenten Lectio studies. Inquire at cmfcuro.com/contact/ for more information on how to join.

            So be faithful to our Lord this Lent and grow in His likeness spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Then Easter will be a time of rejoicing in whole health: spirit, mind, and body!