Now that January is in the rear view, and the shortest month (although it can feel like the longest), February, is upon us, it is important to reevaluate our mindset about goals.  Keeping it simple and focusing on the motive for a particular goal is always an important place to start. In this blog, I’d like to share a few practical tips that might help reinforce a goal-oriented mindset.   

Remember your goal:  Make notes on your phone, computer, kitchen sink and/or bathroom mirror to remind you of your goal and why you want to achieve it.  Have someone in your life remind you of your goal.  An old saying says, “you are who you associate with” so find people who want the same goals as you and seek opportunities to connect with them.  Associating with these friends will help you remember that it is possible to achieve a goal.  Look to the communion of saints as your example of partnering with others in their walk of holiness. Find a patron saint for a certain grace you need to grow and ask for his/her intercession.  


Scale Your Goals and Record: In order to rate how you progressed toward your goal, add a simple scale from 1-10, perhaps during your nightly examination of consciences. On a scale from 1-10 rate how much of your goal you accomplish? Did you remember your goal and motive?  Did you ask for God’s grace to achieve it? Did you make time even to do a little bit of your goal?  Make note of what helps you achieve or what hinders you from accomplishing your goals.   

Rewards: Celebrate the wins and rejoice in the Lord! Celebrate the days you achieved your goal.  Tell someone who cares about you so they can encourage you and rejoice with you.  Spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist, in thanksgiving for the graces received to move closer towards a goal.   

In conclusion, remembering your goal, recording your progress, and celebrating your steps can be helpful in making your goals become long lasting and a part of a new way of life that you desire and the Lord desires for you!