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Read what our members have to say about their experience with the CMF CURO Ministry:

I joined in March 2017 and mailed my first share to a family in Minnesota.  What a joyful feeling writing that check instead of the typical premium check for traditional insurance, where one wonders if they really will honor their end of the deal. This way, I know the money is going directly to the medical providers who cared for another family, with no money going to “administrators.”

I had been on my employers insurance for over ten years; I do fill prescriptions regularly and prior to my transition to CMF CURO, I asked my pharmacist how much the cash price would be for a drug I need to fill regularly, since I was losing my insurance. She told me $98 per month.  I thought it was a lot but at least I could find a way for $98.

The next month I went to fill the prescription, and presented to them the prescription card I had received from CMF CURO. Thanks to that card, my prescription cash cost was reduced to only $25 instead of the $98 that had been quoted the prior month.

What a blessing!   I just though you should know that the prescription card does provide significant savings!

– Janice Keen


I took a leap of faith and chose CMF CURO, a Catholic insurance alternative, after I resigned from my job. What a relief it was to sign up before the end of 2014, as a law abiding citizen, through a creative option. Now I feel more directly and consciously involved in bringing a culture of life.

– Scholastica Frisinger

For years, we had traditional health insurance provided as an option as an employee. When Obamacare came into being and forced employer-sponsored health insurance plans provide for abortion services, contraception and other options that went totally against my family’s moral convictions I started to look around for alternatives. I came across ‘Christian Medishare,’ a Christian (but not Catholic) medical sharing program which was exempt from the Obamacare mandate. It was appealing and we signed up.

We had three kids in college and one still being home schooled. When my eldest daughter turned 23 years old, they ceased to cover her even though she was still a full-time student in college. This was a big problem for us as she was now required to have her own plan which was not affordable. Right around this time I heard an advert on our local Catholic radio station – St. Gabriel 820 AM – for CMF CURO – a Catholic medical health sharing program which not only covers adult children who are still in full-time education or still living with their parents, but also held the same core beliefs and teachings of our Roman Catholic Church. This was our answer and we signed up. Although we have not had a claim thus far, I believe the sharing process to be very simple and the prayer sharing very beneficial. And one extra benefit, our sharing portion is about 30 percent less with CMF CURO than it was with our previous sharing program.

– Mark and Judy Hedge and family

Butler, OH

I’ve just taken the plunge and signed up along with one of my daughters. The plan does not begin til January, but I’m already enjoying and using the health assets page, and really liking the novelty of receiving prayer requests and advent podcasts from a health care organization!

-Daria Sockey

CMF CURO goes out of its way to help you by placing the member’s interest and needs first. They pray with you, and most importantly, they provide a solution to your needs. This is why I highly recommend CMF CURO.

– Terry Cassell

We have raised seven children. Mike is self employed and health insurance costs were increasing and the coverage was rather minimal. We were unhappy at the thought of contributing to morally unacceptable procedures by paying our premiums.

We joined in June of 2015, excited to support others with their medical needs and to be a part of such a positive, wholesome and Christ centered approach to health cost sharing. Little did we know that one short year later we would be on the receiving end of this wonderful ministry. In June of 2016 Mike, who is the picture of health, suffered a heart attack while working outside our home. By the Grace of God, I had just returned home and was able to call 911.

The website is very easy to navigate and the process to submit claims and acknowledge receipt of the financial gifts from members is well organized and easy to complete. The whole experience has been a beautiful testimony for our family of God’s great providence. We have been amazed at the outpouring of Christian love, concern, and heartfelt prayers, and are overwhelmed by the goodness of our gracious Lord and His faithful servants.

– Mike and Molly McCartney

I was unsure about how the health care sharing ministry, CMF CURO, could work. I felt I was risking losing the security that traditional insurance provided. Even so, I felt strongly that traditional insurance had become a forced participation in evils such as abortion and contraception. I decided to join CMF CURO with a bit of arrogance; I was healthy and had never had health problems before, and probably wouldn’t need health care anyway. At least I would not be paying for traditional insurance.

Five months after joining, I was rushed to the emergency room with pain in my right side. After a month of treatments to clear a serious kidney infection, I was approved for surgery to remove a large kidney stone that was partially obstructing my right kidney. My surgery went well and I am completely healed. After recovering, my second concern was how to pay the medical bills.

As the medical bills came, so did the discounts on those bills. The checks came from all over the country with notes of encouragement and prayers. I couldn’t wait for the mail each day and cried tears of gratitude for those faithful souls that I had not even been aware of before. All my medical bills were paid. But more importantly, I am much more aware of how God works daily in each person’s life. The Lord gave me a cross to carry in order to show me His mercy. I would never have had this experience if it hadn’t been for CMF CURO and Samaritan Ministries. Many times I have been greatly humbled by the power of God working through my brothers and sisters in Christ as my spiritual and financial needs were met through this ministry.

– Cathy Merritt

This is an amazing apostolate that exhibits the charity of the Church which our Lord commissioned to bring to the world help to all those in need through the virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

– Kevin Kane

The whole experience has been a beautiful testimony for our family of God’s great providence. We have been amazed at the outpouring of Christian love, concern, and heartfelt prayers, and are overwhelmed by the goodness of our gracious Lord and His faithful servants.

– Anonymous

We enjoy writing our notes for each need every month. We enjoy getting to help pay for babies to be born and to include “our person” in prayers daily.

– Teresa Knapick Darby

Nacogdoches, TX

Praised be Jesus Christ. 

In His great mercy, God led our family to CMF CURO when we were prayerfully seeking a healthcare solution that stands apart from what St. John Paul II called the “culture of death”.  Because CURO is truly Catholic in its affirmation of the Gospel of Life, we can contribute—freely and wholeheartedly out of Christian charity—to the medical needs of our brothers and sisters, and they to ours, without compromising our consciences on matters of faith and morals.

– Brooks Cross and family

I chose to join CMF CURO and Samaritan Ministries so I could know that my health care money is going to Godly services. I am also confident that this Christian ministry is blessed by God as is my family in being a part of it.

– Ceci Matthews and family

Hemphill, TX

It is a blessing to know that when we have a baby or a string of emergency room visits we don’t have to suffer from high deductibles. We also love belonging to a community of serious Catholics who care for each other’s needs.

– Carisa and Will Feierabend and family

Phoenix, AZ

My husband Vince is an amazing ER Doctor who practiced medicine faithfully for 15 years. Now he maintains his certification but only practices for free at the local Good Samaritan Health Clinic. Ten years ago he quit his job, largely due to increasing litigation risks, rising liability insurance premiums and strangling government regulations, including appalling anti-life legislation. Times were tough, but eventually we poured our hearts into the RV park business which is where we happily remain today.

In the beginning, as new small business owners, we shopped for affordable health insurance for our family of four. “Affordable health insurance” soon became an oxymoron as our premiums rose to almost $1,200 per month even with a yearly family deductible of $10,000 –and the policy was without dental or prescription coverage.  Although we knew our insurance plan was substandard, we clung to the security of having over a million dollars of “disaster” coverage.  Hence, for the past 10 years we have paid all of our medical bills in cash. Fortunately, our family has been very healthy, and my husband has been able to care for most of our illnesses at home …Until a little over a year ago.

Two Thanksgivings ago our then, 21 year old son Jay came home from college coughing up blood. A chest X-ray showed a large mass in his lungs. At first we were told to “pray for lymphoma” because it was the “best case scenario” of cancer diagnoses. Thank God, a biopsy confirmed it was a mold infection treatable with anti-fungals and steroids. After a few months of therapy Jay was totally cured, and it was time to begin paying our medical bills which amounted to just over $9,000 – just a few dollars shy of our insurance deductible. We were refused any sort of cash discount by all parties involved because technically we had insurance.

Sometime during the year it took for us to pay all of Jay’s medical bills we realized that if we had put even just a tiny portion of the $1,200 a month we were paying the giant, unhelpful, insurance company into a savings account we would have had plenty cash to pay expenses.

Also, sometime during that year we were listening to a Catholic Radio program where CMF CURO was advertising. It sounded, honestly, like a foretaste of heaven, like a glimpse of what the world should look like. After praying for no longer than a week, we joyfully decided to take a leap of faith and make the switch. We realized at the very least, if it did not work, we could save our monthly premiums that so far had bought us nothing. But more enticing to us was the pressing thought that if we had joined CMF CURO just a bit sooner, not only would all of Jay’s medical bills have been paid in full, we would have had the glorious benefit of the prayers of many caring friends in Christ. The difference would have been night and day. As it happened, with Jay’s illness, we felt cold and isolated by the medical community that we had once been an integral part of. It was particularly difficult for us in a salt-in-the-wound sort of way because my husband now gives away so much of his medical time and expertise for free.

It has now been a little over a year since we joined CMF CURO. What a blessing it has been to write our monthly checks and send them with little caring notes to individuals all over the country!  It is a joy just knowing we are part of a very large, like-minded, community. Also, we have been blessed in return. A few months ago, we had another little medical issue with a different family member that amounted to just over $1,500 in bills — even though we were able this time to receive cash discounts. We have been so used to paying for all of our medical expenses ourselves, we just put it on our credit card and considered not even reporting it to CMF CURO. For some reason it was very difficult for us to think of burdening someone else with our medical bills. But Mr. Vacca from CMF CURO assured us that that is precisely what CMF CURO is for. So with a mixture of embarrassment, gratefulness and perhaps a bit of humility, we submitted a need for a portion of our bill. I’m so glad we did. The payments came in a timely manner. But oh so sweet were the little notes offering prayer and comfort from fellow Christians. We felt so blessed and refreshed – finally a part of something good in the health care world. What’s more, we felt not only hopeful for the current situation, but were able to allow the prayers to flow back in time to cover the difficult situation with Jay with peace. We made the switch, took a leap of faith, put our trust in God, and He delivered. His timing is always perfect. Our lives are rich, and our medical file is not only empty of unpaid bills but full of newsletters and prayerful notes.  Thank you, CMF CURO! From our family to yours, we say, well done “Good and Faithful Servant.” We are blessed.

– Vince and Dee Toups

Gulf Breeze, FL