New CMF CURO Advisory Board Event!

CMF CURO is glad to announce our new Board of Advisers!

Last week, CMF CURO hosted an event in Washington D.C. for our friends and supporters, and to announce our new board.

“Our advisers will be champions for the credibility, growth, and vibrancy of the CMF CURO health care community. Through their prayers, professional advice, and support, we hope to continue empower better health care for our membership and distinguish CMF CURO as the unique health care option that advances the Church’s mission of the New Evangelization,” said Director Louis Brown.

All advisors are practicing Catholics who fully accept the teaching of the Catholic Church, and share a passion for advancing the Church’s evangelical mission to bring the love of Christ into the realm of health care and the culture.

Advisers include:

  • Dr. Marguerite Duane, adjunct associate professor, Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Will Waldron, Executive Director, Divine Mercy Care
  • Dede Chism, Executive Director, Bella Natural Women’s Care
  • Brenda Canella, Vice President of Finance, Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)
  • Mario Dickerson, Executive Director, Catholic Medical Association
  • Tambi Spitz, Divine Mercy University
  • Fr. Mark Rutherford, Diocese of Lansing, MI

Photos courtesy of Kathy Dempsey/ BringingHeart. 


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