Member Spotlight: Janice Keen

I joined in March 2017 and mailed my first share to a family in Minnesota. What a joyful feeling writing that check instead of the typical premium check for traditional insurance, where one wonders if they really will honor their end of the deal. This way, I know the money is going directly to the medical providers who cared for another family, with no money going to administrators.

I had been on my employer’s insurance for more than ten years. I do fill prescriptions regularly and prior to my transition to CMF CURO, I asked my pharmacist how much the cash price would be for a drug I need to fill regularly, since I was losing my insurance. She told me $98 per month. I thought it was a lot but at least I could find a way for $98.

The next month I went to fill the prescription, and presented to them the prescription card I had received from CMF CURO. Thanks to that card, my prescription cash cost was reduced to only $25 instead of the $98 that had been quoted the prior month.

What a blessing! The card does provide significant savings!