Motivational speaker Jim Rohn is attributed to the following quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This statement reveals the human tendency to take on the tendencies of those we allow to influence us=.  It shows us the reality that what is around us will begin to cultivate our desires and change our hearts. The relationships that we invest in the most have profound impacts on our behavior and habits, and ultimately our whole health in spirit, mind, and body.  

Relational Beings

The human person, in its entirety. was made for communion and relationship. In body, mind, and soul you are made for relationship. We all need relationship to live healthy lives and become the persons that God has willed us to be. Perhaps this week, with the Valentine’s Day hype, you were reminded of the areas of your life in which you feel lonely or isolated (and for many this isolation is felt in their health care!). Maybe you even remembered the five people in your life who compose the average of your woundedness, who perhaps failed to love you with intentionality.  While most often,Valentine’s Day may remind some of broken or missing romantic relationships, it can also trigger memories or wounds of unlove from non-romantic relationships. Valentine’s Day can easily remind us that our wounds from relationships have tangible impacts on our whole health.

Think about how the multitudes celebrating “Single Awareness Day” often cope with the pain felt from this holiday. Common solaces are excess intake of food and alcohol, things that in excess can negatively affect cardiovascular[1] and mental health[2] (not to mention the spiritual consequences of engaging in the sin of gluttony). The stress brought about by painful memories and experiences in relationships similarly affects our whole health.

Intentional Lives Thrive

As Catholics we are called to foster relationships with intentionality. We need intentionality to grow and live healthy lives in right relationship with the Lord. Just as relationships can negatively impact us, so can they positively impact us! Because we are relational beings who thrive in intentionality, it follows we need intentional relationships to foster our health and wellness. We need the help others to improve our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being (especially in a modern health care system that breeds isolation). That’s why CURO offers a level of membership specifically designed to provide you with the accompaniment you need in Spirit, Mind, and Body through one-on-one relationships with our Catholic Health Coaches and Spiritual Director.

In our Whole Health Accompaniment Level, members receive and foster relationships intentioned on improving their whole health. This level gives members an environment to navigate their health, wellness, and spirituality in an environment that invites accountability and surrender of our whole person needs to the Lord.

What is stopping you from pursuing a life fully alive in spirit, mind, and body this Lent? I invite you to consider joining the CURO Community this Lent as you strive to more fully become the person you are created to be, a person who when fully alive in spirit, mind, and body – will set the world on fire.

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