For most people, modern Health Care is not defined by peace and accompaniment. Rather, health care has become culturally synonymous with the terms overwhelming and isolating. It is baffling how aspects of our lives as intimate as health care and healing, have become so impersonal and difficult to navigate. However, there is a better way. A way of hope in peace and fellowship. And we have known this Way for over 2000 years.

In Be Healed, Dr. Bob Schuchts references a quote from Pope Benedict XVI that says: 

“Healing is an essential dimension of the apostolic mission and of Christianity. When understood at a sufficiently deep level, this expresses the entire content of redemption.” -Pope Benedict XVI  in Jesus of Nazareth

Healing expresses the entire content of our redemption.

Christ, in the Gospels, very often used miracles of physical healing as outward signs to reveal His plan for us – our restoration in Spirit, Mind, and Body through renewed union with the One. Christ came to bring us back into union with God. His mission allows us to overcome the effects of original sin by uniting them to His passion. As illness is an effect of original sin, it seems natural than that the sector of our society that is intended for healing should not only provide a space for Christ, but should look to Him as a model and guidepost.

The Life of Christ and the miracles of healing He performed revealed the necessity of relationship and accompaniment in healing. How often in the Gospels are people healed through the intercession or pleading of others? Whether it be the paralytic who’s friend lowered him through a roof to meet Jesus (Luke 5:17-26), or the daughter of Jairus, who’s father pleaded with Jesus for her healing (Mark 5:21-43), Jesus’ heart was moved with compassion and lives were restored.

Community Brings Healing

But more importantly– every act of physical healing Christ performed was connected to an even deeper spiritual reality of restorative forgiveness and Jesus’ desire to bring us into relationship with Him and others. The way forward in our health care is found in the Gospels, the Word Himself, the One. When we each invite the Divine Physician into our healing and health, We Walk as One in Christ. 

We need community and accompaniment in our health care that encourages us to remain close to the One as we seek health and healing. The CURO Health Care Community exists to do just this. We accompany our members and encourage one another to look to the Divine Physician for ultimate healing and restoration. At CURO, we take the isolation out of health care and healing. We offer assistance to our members in navigating medical costs and the whole health effects of illness and injury.

We invite you to Walk As One with Us. Consider reaching out for more information about the CURO Health Care Community. Other exciting options will soon be available for you to find Catholic accompaniment through CURO in your health care experience.