So, You’ve Heard about Health Coaching…

With the recent announcement of the new CMF CURO Health Coaching Program for members, you may be wondering, “what is health coaching, and do I need a coach?”. The truth is that everyone can benefit from setting goals in their health and getting help along the way to accomplish those goals. And this is precisely what the CMF CURO Health Coaching Program aims to be.

CMF CURO’s certified Health Coach, Rebecca Wraith, hosted a webinar for members explaining the role of coaching and goal setting in our overall health, and outlined the program that CMF CURO will be launching shortly. “This program is about walking with you, accompanying you, but above all helping give you the tools to achieve these goals on your own”, she said.

Watch the webinar below to learn more about the CMF CURO Health Coaching program, and what it can offer you as a Member of CMF CURO!