Sharing Medical Burdens in Catholic Community

CURO Resources

CURO is here to serve you on your healthcare journey so that you might embrace the healing God desires for you and be fully alive in spirit, mind, and body. The following resources are just some of the many ways that CURO can serve you as you seek to embrace that healing.

Concierge Advocacy

The CURO team is here to minister to you in each step of your health care journey. We assist with all your health care needs, including understanding the sharing guidelines, finding doctors, submitting and managing your needs, understanding treatment options, and most importantly, praying with you!

Catholic Health and Wellness Coaching

CURO’s Catholic Health and Wellness Coaching is a relationship of accompaniment with you as you strive to embrace the Lord’s will for your life. Our coaches walk with you as you create and achieve your goals to be healthy in spirit, mind, and body.

CURO’s Catholic Health and Wellness Coaching is optional—members are not required to participate based upon health demographics. It is meant to serve as a resource for members to help them achieve total, integrated health.

Spiritual Guidance

When you are facing a difficult decision or are otherwise having difficulty understanding what God is calling you to do, CURO is here to offer you spiritual guidance. Using principles of spiritual direction, you can meet with a trained spiritual director to better understand how God is calling you to live. If appropriate, this could lead to a longer-term relationship of spiritual direction. CURO is happy to offer this resource to you so that you might cultivate your spiritual health through a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ!

Physician Community

It is vital to see medical professionals who share our views, both so that we receive the care we deserve, and to help build the culture of life. The CURO Physician Community is a group of Catholic and pro-life medical professionals that share our mission and are happy to treat you. If we don’t know a professional in your area, we are happy to search for one!

Intercessory Prayer

Nothing we can do on Earth is more powerful than prayer. Without God, we can do nothing, but with Him, all things are possible. As you walk on your health journey, we are here to pray with you, intercede for you, and help you to come closer to Jesus, both in times of crosses and times of blessing.

Bioethics Consultations

CURO provides bioethics consultations so that you can better understand how your health treatment options align with Catholic teaching. Our medical choices can have a moral element, and our team is here to work with you so that you receive care that upholds your inherent dignity as a person created in the image and likeness of God.

CURO Portal

Your CURO Portal is the location for all your membership tools and information. The portal contains your Catholic health and wellness tools, courses, goals, and activity tracking, as well as your Samaritan share information, prayer board, and FORMED. Your portal is your one-stop for investing in your improved health and health care—spirit, mind, and body—so that you can live your faith and health care fully alive.

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