Sharing Medical Burdens in Catholic Community

CURO Card and Resources


Your CURO Card makes the sharing process simpler and easier. When you have a medical need, instead of receiving a multitude of personal checks at your home, you can have the shares sent directly to your CURO Card account. You can check the balance of your account from the CMF CURO Portal, and share payments and letters of encouragement will be visible in your SMI Dashboard. Once the shares are received on your CURO Card, you can use the Card to pay your bill.


Your CMF CURO Portal is the location for all your membership tools and information. You can access your CMF CURO account, Samaritan share information, health and wellness tools and courses, our R.I.S.E. spiritual enrichment program, prayer board, and FORMED. Your Portal is your one-stop for investing in your improved health and health care: spirit, mind, and body so that you can live your faith and health care Fully Alive.

Health Tools

CMF CURO offers members a unique wellness toolset, with educational courses, challenges, fitness tracking and goal-setting, health assessments and resources to promote active engagement in your total health and wellbeing. Health tools and courses are accessible from the CURO Portal.

R.I.S.E. Program

The CMF CURO R.I.S.E. program provides resources to integrate your spiritual, emotional and mental health into your total health. It is the expression of our ministry’s spiritual community through four main aspects: Reflection, Intercessory Prayer, Spiritual Retreats, and Education/Enrichment. CMF CURO members also receive access to FORMED, a Catholic multimedia platform.

Ethical Consultation

CMF CURO understands the complex and challenging health care decisions you must make, and we provide confidential ethics consultations with a representative certified in Catholic medical ethics to guide you in making conscientious health care decisions in line with your faith.

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