Sharing Medical Burdens in Catholic Community

Receiving care and submitting a need

Medical bills can often create stress and concern. At CMF CURO we are happy to actively assist you at every step. The sharing process is simple, though it differs significantly from health insurance. Follow these steps when receiving care and submitting a need:

1. Call CMF CURO before seeing your provider. We will work with your provider in advance to simplify the process. You are not penalized for failing to contact CMF CURO, but calling ahead enables us to serve you best.

2. Present your CMF CURO Card to your provider at your appointment and identify yourself as a self-paying patient and member of a Christian medical cost sharing ministry. Simply inform your provider to submit the billing information using the Data Interchange (EDI) Payor ID coded on the CURO card to receive a rate based on a percentage of Medicare rates between 125%-160%. CMF CURO calls this rate the Love Your Neighbor* price.

3. Receive the Love Your Neighbor pricing statement, which will be mailed to you after a brief processing period.

4. Present the Love Your Neighbor pricing statement to your provider for acceptance. If your provider rejects the Love Your Neighbor pricing statement for any reason, they may supply an alternative discounted rate. If a significant discount is not obtained, Samaritan Ministries will coordinate the negotiation of a lower price.

5. Contact CMF CURO once you and your provider have signed the Love Your Neighbor pricing statement or have reached an agreed upon discounted price. We will help you submit your need to Samaritan Ministries for prompt approval and sharing.

6. Once your Need is approved, members of Samaritan Ministries will be assigned to send their monthly shares to you or your CMF CURO Card so that you can pay your provider.

CMF CURO is always here for you each step of the way, to actively minister to you and make the sharing process as smooth and simple as possible. If at any point you have questions or issues during the sharing process or with your medical provider, please call CMF CURO at 800-840-7471. We are always happy to assist you!

*This fair payment is part of our CMF CURO Gold Card service program.  We are happy to register your doctor and facility as Gold Card participants.

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