Sharing Medical Burdens in Catholic Community

What is Shared?

Our members share medical needs in accordance with the Samaritan Ministries International Guidelines. The Guidelines specify which medical needs can and cannot be shared as defined by the Samaritan Classic and Basic sharing levels. CMF CURO members may choose between these sharing levels for their Samaritan membership.

Special Prayer Needs

Appeals can be made to Samaritan’s Special Prayer Needs for medical needs that do not comply with the SMI Guidelines. Special Prayer Needs are voluntary contributions given by members that go beyond their ordinary monthly share. If additional funding is required a special request for assistance can be made.

We work to build a strong, Catholic, faith-filled community you can turn to when you have shareable medical needs. As the Body of Christ, we are always here to assist you, advocate for you and pray for you in difficult times.

““I love sending my check and note to someone every month, and it is so uplifting to receive prayers, notes, and shares. Our family has grown with another daughter recently, and the maternity process through this ministry is downright amazing…CMF CURO is thumbs up around here!

Justin and Crissa F.

CURO Members

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