Catholic Health Care 2020Everything You Need To Know

2020 is upon us! While there are many secular health options and health sharing ministries to choose from, CMF CURO provides a unique and authentically Catholic experience which makes it the clear choice for faithful Catholics. Founded in 2014, CMF CURO in partnership with Samaritan Ministries is considered a valid form of health care under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Because of this, CMF CURO members are not subject to the ACA tax penalty.

Now is the perfect time to become a CMF CURO member! Here are just a few reasons why CMF CURO members continue to choose CMF CURO and health sharing:

1) Health Care that Cares for Your Soul

Spirit, Mind, and Body – Health Care Fully Alive

CMF CURO recognizes the whole person from a Catholic perspective: a person is not just a mixture of chemical reactions and biological processes. Each person has an eternal soul that also requires maintenance during its time on earth. Our physical and spiritual health are inseparably linked. To ignore the spiritual health of a person when he or she is unwell can be detrimental and only perpetuate illness. Often times, physical illnesses can weigh down on our emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

This is why CMF CURO provides our members with resources that offer both spiritual encouragement and enrichment. CMF CURO staff not only walk with members through the logistics of the health sharing process, but they provide spiritual care through intercessory prayer and Catholic bioethical advice when it is needed most. CMF CURO encourages its members and reminds them that Lord is with them in their sickness and sufferings.

Christ Healing

2) Community United in Christ

CMF CURO is a community of Catholics passionate about reclaiming the health care industry for its true purpose: healing. The CMF CURO community gives Christ a space in the realm of health care. Members pray for each other and strive to maintain both their spiritual and physical health, recognizing that the two are inseparably linked. CMF CURO provides its members with health tools that address both the physical and the spiritual needs of the human person.

CMF CURO members are a part of an authentically pro-life community within the Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF). Since 1997, the Christ Medicus Foundation has worked to accomplish its mission to defend Catholic health care through public policy, public education, Catholic health care options, and empowering Christ-centered Catholic health care providers. All CMF CURO members contribute to pro-life efforts of the Christ Medicus Foundation through their monthly membership fees.

3) Freedom in Health Care

CMF CURO members do not need approval from CMF CURO when choosing their health care professionals. This gives patients and doctors the freedom to decide what is the best plan of care. There is no middleman regulating this doctor-patient relationship. While this does require more communication with your doctor, members find peace and a better understanding of their health and plan of care. CMF CURO member specialists are available to assist members in finding Catholic medical providers when needed, but members ultimately have the autonomy to choose their doctors.

Doctor and baby

4) Community-based option

Health care sharing ministries like CMF CURO enable Catholic Christians to come together and contribute to each other’s medical expenses. The model of health sharing that CMF CURO uses in partnership with Samaritan Ministries allows its members to pay for their care as it happens. Members pay for a small number of medical costs on their own, such as annual exams, and receive funds from other members when the unexpected comes up. Although preventative care isn’t sharable, having more money in your pocket allows you to find and pay for the care that you truly need, again empowering you as a member.

Now is the time to join CMF CURO

The time to join CMF CURO is now! When you join CMF CURO, you experience health care that improves both your physical and spiritual health. Through a closer doctor-patient relationship you will find greater peace in understanding your health and plan of care. At the same time, you will be immersed in an authentically Catholic community and have the support of a community. Through your continued support, we can build a culture of life in health care. Join anytime throughout the year!

Is CMF CURO Right For You?

Download the guide.

To learn more about becoming a CMF CURO member, you can download an informational guide here. Or, you can call 800-840-7471 to set an appointment with one of our membership specialists.

Mariah Buzza Author

Mariah Buzza is an employee of the Christ Medicus Foundation and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2018 with a Bachelor of Art degree in Political Science. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Divine Mercy University and resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her family. Mariah Buzza has been a victim of the sexual abuse crisis within the Catholic Church and uses her story to help others find healing through the teachings of the Church.

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