The last 7 months have been extremely exhausting for everyone. Who would’ve thought that the entire globe would fall victim to an infectious disease when the clock struck midnight on January 1st? Not me!

Little did I know, as I got off a plane at 4am on New Years Day from visiting my family across the country, that it would be the last time I would see them for a while.


What expectations did you have for 2020 that didn’t come true?

I think it’s safe to say that our collective experience has been one of disappointment, fear, and anger. Plans constantly changing and experiences we looked forward to not coming to fruition can be downright depressing.

However, the change of plans has also given us a collective chance to hope and love others in ways we otherwise couldn’t. In my experience, I’ve received messages and notes from friends I haven’t spoken to in years. My family’s prayer life has also grown immensely due to stay at home orders and quarantining. This time has truly given us the time to take a step back and realize how little we need in this world to truly know God.

In just a few days, I suspect the tensions in our society will once again peak with the 2020 presidential race coming to an end.

In anticipation of this anxiety, the CURO team would like to provide a friendly reminder of how important self-care is!

We’ve compiled these self-care tips to help you maintain your sanity as the arguments amongst family and friends bog up your Facebook newsfeed once again:

1. Limit Media Consumption

(Embrace the Spirit of Lenten detachment!)

Rosary Computer Crucifix Bible
  • Set limits on how much of the world you let in! If you find yourself despairing in the state of our culture as you scroll through your social media feeds, put the phone down and say a prayer for peace.
  • Hold yourself accountable to your limits. Self-care starts with setting limits on unhealthy attachments. If it’s difficult to put the phone down, set limits, and resolve to live by them! Designate hours during the day that you are not allowed to access the internet or turn on the TV. One way to ensure your success is to find an accountability partner. Many phones include time monitoring so you can’t over indulge!

2. Exercise and Embrace other Hobbies

As you limit the exposure you have to the discourse of the digital world, fill the time you would otherwise use scrolling your phone, with activities that are beneficial to your health—like exercise!

woman exercising
  • Replace the screen with your favorite music. Some studies suggest that music may enhance human health and performance. We’ve curated a soundtrack for Fall designed to inspire your mind, spirit, and body!
  • Experts agree that 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 to 5 days a week can improve depression and anxiety.
  • Even the Saints exercised! Check out these Sporty Saints for some inspiration on how to combat cabin fever & digital fatigue.
  • Embrace the spirit of living fully alive! Check out these great tips for living fully alive while staying socially distant.

3. Pray. Pray. And then Pray Some More.

As you limit how much of the world you let in, fill the space it once filled with God!

Time to PRAY keyboard key
  • In the words of St. Paul, “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
  • Perhaps this pandemic and all other chaos in the world can remind us that no matter what happens, we are all called to be saints! We become saints through a strong relationship with God which we attain through prayerand that relationship is always what we should be focused on above all else!