Pro-Life Catholic Health Care

October is widely recognized by Catholics and pro-life
advocates as Respect
Life Month
. This month, CMF CURO honors the unborn and those targeted by
the culture of death in the United States.

As a member of CMF CURO, you participate in authentic
Catholic health care while building a culture of life in the United States. Here
are just a few ways CMF CURO members contribute to a culture of life in the
United States:

CMF CURO – Affordable Catholic Health Sharing through Samaritan Ministries

CMF CURO members do NOT share birth control, abortion, or life-ending procedures

As a CMF CURO and Samaritan Ministries member, you are protected from contributing to abortion or euthanasia. Birth Control, abortion, and euthanasia are not considered to be sharable by the CMF CURO membership guidelines.

mother and child

CMF CURO offers surprisingly easy maternity care.

“The staff at CMF CURO whenever I needed advice and was prayed for daily. We have complete confidence in CMF CURO’s prenatal care. I look forward to the sharing experience for my next pregnancy because I know my baby and I will receive the care we need.”

CMF CURO encourages patient freedom in health care

CMF CURO members have the freedom to choose their own doctors. CMF CURO does not regulate appointment times between doctors and patients, or what tests doctors can or cannot run.

CMF CURO – Catholic Medical Providers

CMF CURO offers ethical consultations for its members who want a Catholic medical perspective on a questionable procedure. A list of Catholic Medical providers is also made accessible to CMF CURO members.

CMF CURO values medical providers and their responsibility to recognize the dignity of each patient as a human person. In a recent panel Life, Religious Liberty, and the Survival of Catholic Health Care by the Christ Medicus Foundation and the Catholic Information Center, Dr. Marguarite Duane, president of FACTS, illustrated the need for physicians to exercise wisdom and judgment as professionals in order to have patient-centered health care.

Regulations and rules set forth by insurance companies and the government fail to value every aspect of the human person. Certain Health Care regulations refuse to recognize the psychological and spiritual elements of a person’s healing. Through models of care like Direct Primary Care, doctors are able to provide tangible healing for their patients and foster a doctor-patient relationship.

CMF CURO –  Pro-Life Community That Shares Health Needs

CMF CURO members contribute to a pro-life community of health sharing. CMF CURO members support the improvement of the life and well-being of their community by sharing one another’s medical burdens, not the economic prosperity of insurance companies.

CMF CURO members support pro-life efforts by the Christ Medicus Foundation:


The Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF) is CMF CURO’s parent organization. CMF’s mission is to defend religious liberty and build Christ-centered health care in the United States. CMF does this through public policy, education, and providing CMF CURO as an authentically pro-life Catholic health care option. 

How to honor unborn during Respect Life Month:

  • Pray: Pray for the courage of all expectant mothers and our elected representatives to protect all at the margins of life.

  • March For Life: Save the Date for the March for Life 2020 in Washington D.C. If you can’t make it to D.C. consider attending a diocesan-wide march in your area. Check your diocesan website to get information on marches in your area.

  • Become a CMF CURO Member this Open Enrollment: CMF CURO is dedicated to serving you and the vision of Health Care Fully Alive. We provide Catholics a Christ-centered path to actively invest in their whole health (spirit, mind, and body) in service to God, sharing our medical burdens and costs together.  CMF CURO is not insurance. It is a ministry.

  • Support The Christ Medicus Foundation: The Christ Medicus Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Catholic nonprofit organization that defends religious freedom and builds Christ-centered Catholic health care. CMF’s mission is to share Jesus Christ’s healing love in health care, to build authentically Catholic care, to defend life and religious freedom, and to protect the poor and vulnerable.

Mariah Buzza Author

Mariah Buzza is a survivor of abuse within the Church and writes on topics of healing and personal encounters with grace. She remains a practicing Catholic and is employed by the Christ Medicus Foundation. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2018 with a bachelors of arts in Political Science and currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her family.